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Dear FBI:

Reporting Guo Wengui that is suspected of collaborating with Chinese hackers to frame Chinese human rights activists

Guo Wengui is also known as WENGUI GUO a/k/a, MILES KWOK

Its residential address: 781 5th Ave # 18THFLOOR, New York, NY 10022

Guo Wengui is an economic fugitive wanted by the Chinese government. He has a close relationship with the Chinese spy agency MSS(The Ministry of State Security). He lied to deceive the Chinese society by saying that he is pursuing China's democratic freedom. This way, he can gain social influence and negotiate with the Chinese government and obtain US political asylum. In fact, he has been negotiating with the Chinese government to get his own interests. He has also continued to suppress overseas exiled human right activists, insulted and used lawsuits against Chinese human rights activists. Because of my political disagreement with Guo Wengui, I was attacked by Guo Wengui and Wang Dinggang (Luther) and Cao Changqing. Guo Wengui and Wang Dinggang were suspected of collaborating with Chinese hackers and persecuting me as a Chinese human rights activist.

In Guo Wengui's June 11, 2018 video (youtube.com/wat..WLw0&t=151s?) 0:40-2:10 he said: “Yesterday, Mr. Luther received the third email from the hacker. I also read it. I am very grateful to the hacker. The hacker's behavior will be written into history, and hackers will join us to achieve our common goal.” (See the attached CD)

In Guo Wengui's June 16, 2018 video (youtube.com/wat..bjd4&t=111s?) 0:20-1:32 he said: "The network has recently appeared in the Network Knights League. Paul and the young fellow are not hackers, they are knights. Frankly speaking, we have recently cooperated with the world's number one hacker. This hacker has been sitting for several years, and at the same time, we are cooperating with the No.4 and No.5 hackers (as ranked) in the world, and they have given us a lot of new ideas." (See the attached CD)

Guo Wengui also insulted me and other human rights activists in the following video(See the attached CD), saying that I am a liar, a spy, etc.:

June 30, 2018 part one. On Guo Baosheng's Fraud and Prosecution of Han Mei


June 5th. Meeting payers in Las Vegas. A-level wanted to commit the past


June 4th. Yuan Hongbing and Xi Jinping filmed a woman's ass. The brick shot Li Keqiang is all blown like...


On June 2, Ms. An Hong, Ms. Qiu Yueshou, was first interviewed. Commemorating June 4th and Yuan Hongbing. Guo Baosheng. Lai Jianping's inferior tricks!


Here Guo Wengui is extremely affirmed that his assistant Wang Dinggang and the so-called Chinese hackers have stolen my mails. Wang Dinggang claimed that he and Chinese hackers collaborated to open my e-mail and found that I am a Chinese spy and a Taiwan spy. The following is the Video made by Wang(See the attached CD):

1. July 11, 1.2018, Paul of March 8th: Thoughts triggered by a judgment. Luther and hackers slandered my Chinese judgment as a political prisoner is fake.


2. June 28, 2018, Paul's screen recording "Running My Little Mande", the process of a Trojan software obtaining emails. Luther video shows how hackers steal my emails.


3. June 10, 2018 Mysterious hackers sent a photo of the task assignment from February 26 to April 12 (below). The hacker opened my email and found that I was a spy and accepted the task of the CCP.


4. June 10, 2018 Mysterious hackers sent photos from February 26th to April 12th (on). The hacker opened my email and found that I was a spy and accepted the task of the CCP.


5. June 9 The hacker sent the latest emails, the amount of information is huge, what does it mean to read the contents of this email? Said that I became a spy of the Taiwan Nationalist Party.


6. June 7 Heavy hit: The private letter dialogue between Luther and the mysterious hacker contains a lot of information, netizens don't miss it!


7. June 5 Luther received a hacker dialogue between mysterious people, including what types of scandal? Revealing who is selling the soul and selling the conscience?


8. June 4th, Twitter was shocked by a nuclear explosion level secret email illustrating Guo Wengui, is messing up Luther interviews and chat rooms. What signal did this message convey?


Guo Wengui and his followers designed scams, fake verdicts and other fake events against me. They are fighting against human rights activists and completely doing what the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship wants. They are not worthy of applying for political asylum in the United States, and have been suspected of serious crimes – working with Chinese hackers to persecute exiled human right activists in the United States.

Guo Wengui’s more detailed evidence is on the attached CD, including Guo Wengui's relationship with MSS(The Ministry of State Security),his speech video to worship Xi Jinping, his statement to rely on the Chinese Communist Party to fight corruption, the open letter to Xi Jinping on August 26, 2017.

On the other hand, Guo Wengui repeatedly claimed that he is a US citizen. He has a multinational passport. He has also lied on his birthday and the time he applied for political asylum. The above video evidence is on the attached CD.

I am Guo Baosheng, born in China in 1972 and now a US citizen (attached to the document). I was arrested in 1994 in China for Chinese democracy. In 1997, I was sentenced to three and a half years by the Chinese Communist regime for conspiring to subvert the government. (A copy of the judgment is attached). In 1996 and 1997, the US Department of State’s Human Rights Report repeatedly mentioned my name and persecution(attached to the document):


1996 US State Department China Human Rights Report


1997 US State Department Human Rights Report

After I arrived in the United States at the end of 2008, I was mainly engaged in Christian church work and overseas democratic human rights activities. After moving to Virginia at the end of 2015, I was mainly engaged in political commentary and self-media commentary work.




其住址:781 5th Ave # 18THFLOOR,New York, NY 10022







1.2018年6月28日 三八的保罗录屏名为“奔跑吧我的小曼德”的木马软件获取邮件过程。 路德视频演示黑客如何窃取我的电子邮件


2.2018年6月10日 神秘黑客发来从2月26日到4月12日布置任务的照片(下) 说黑客打开我邮件发现我是特务,接受中共的任务


3.2018年6月10日 神秘黑客发来从2月26日到4月12日布置任务的照片(上) 说黑客打开我邮件发现我是特务,接受中共的任务


4.6月9日 黑客发过来最新的邮件,信息量巨大,解读一下此邮件内容意味着什么? 说我成为了台湾国民党的特务



June 30, 2018第一部份.谈郭宝胜的诈骗与对寒梅的起诉












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